Legalization in construction

Permits and project documentation

   The Law Company “Legal Consulting Group” offers a range of legal services concerning obtaining permits and approval of documents and project documentation for construction.

   According to the law of Ukraine “On the regulation of Urban Planning” from 17.02.2011:

   Project documentation- confirmed text and graphic materials, which define town-planning, space-planning, architectural, constructive, technical and technological solutions, and also estimates of construction projects;

  Town-planning documentation - approved text and graphic materials, which regulate planning, construction/development and other usage of territory.

   Technical conditions/specifications - this is a set of conditions and requirements concerning engineering provisions of the object of architecture, which must meet its calculated requirements, among which are water supply, canalization, heat, energy and gas supply, radio installation, external lighting, diverting/removal of storm water, telephone installation, television, traffic control, fire safety, and other specific conditions.

   Development, approval and registration of technical conditions is conducted in accordance with standard requirements: ДСТУ(The state system of standardization Ukraine) 1.3:2004 “National standardization. Rules of building, presentation, design, approval/coordination, acceptance and marking specifications of technical conditions” and ДСТУ 1.5-2003 “National standardization. Rules of building, presentation, design, and requirements as to the contents of regulations (ISO / IEC Directives, part 2, 2001, NEQ)».

    As a result of the successful practice and established connections, specialists of the Law company “Law Consulting Group” free you from time loss and waste of labour by providing comprehensive services to individuals and legal entities as concerns obtaining and approval of project documentation (architectural and building parts) on objects real estate that are undergoing re-planning and reconstruction.

   The range of Legal services from the law company “Legal Consulting Group” concerning the receipt and approval of permits includes:

- planning systems of gas supply, heat supply, alarm systems of premises with gas supply, water supply, diversion of storm water, heating, electricity supply;

- obtaining technical requirements of OJSC (open joint stock company) “ Kievgaz” (Gas supply), “Kievenergo” (heat network, electricity), OJSC “Kievvodokanal” (water supply, diversion of stoem water), territorial inspection of energy conservation in Kiev Oblast and Kiev city;

- obtaining permissions from  the interdepartmental commission of the Kiev City state administration on questions of heat supply to objects of civil and industrial purpose ;

- development and coordination of project documentation in accordance with legislation.

  We are more easily led part by part to an understanding of the whole 


By using the services of the law company “Law Consulting Group”, you can resolve the difficult parts with ease - obtaining Permits in the process of planning construction/development on a territory.