Legalization in construction

Outdoor/external advertising

The Law company “Law Consulting Group” offers a range of services regarding obtaining permits for the installation of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising -  A powerful lever for advertising exposure. Without carriers of outdoor advertisements, it is impossible to imagine the face of any city in today’s world. Outdoor advertising structures are a great investment, as in addition to direct utilization, the owner can always rent them out and earn an income.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Advertisement”,  outdoor advertisement or advertisement structures, installed within the city is subject to mandatory registration.

The following are outdoor advertising media:

- Signs

- Brackets installation;

- Detached advertising structures (light boxes, billboards, trolls, firewalls, pillars, etc)

Legal assistance from the law company “Law Consulting Group” concerning the resolution of the given problem guarantees maximum speed in obtaining permits for the installation of outdoor advertising.

For the successful registration of any form of outdoor advertising, specialists of the company “Law Consulting Group” qualitatively offer the following services:

- Legal assistance during registration of new structures;

- Legal assistance during the registration of existing structures;

- Extension/prolonging of Permits for the installation of advertisement structures.

The specter of services regarding registration of advertisement structures includes:

- Consultation concerning preparation of approvals for the installation of advertisement structures;

- Preparation of a full packet of necessary documents for further registration and approval of outdoor advertising/external advertising;

- Representing the interests of the client in municipal authorities and agencies in relation to the approval of outdoor advertisements;

- Obtaining permits for the installation of outdoor advertising.

I would value things not for their cost, but for their significance.

                           Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Evaluate the importance of excellent results in resolving approval of advertisement structures, using the legal assistance of the law company “Legal Consulting Group”.