Legalization in construction


Majority of apartments, even in contemporary buildings have inconvenient internal planning. This is why their reconstruction has become widespread. Preparation of permits for re-planning involves accumulating a large quantity of necessary documents. Sometimes, the client does not know that the re-planning needs to be legalized, and only finds out about this, when he is about to carry out a civil transaction concerning real estate (for example: selling it, or giving it as a gift). Another problematic area is registration of inheritance (of a re-planned building/habitation) in the name of the inheritors.

The law company “Law Consulting Group” offers to take the stress of obtaining permits for the re-planning on itself, freeing you from the complicated but necessary procedure of gathering documentation.

Re-planning/redesign - Construction and repair work, which are carried out according to specific projects, aimed at changing the physical parameters of these premises, demolition or transfer of internal light non-capital demarcations, setting up new elements and details, apertures/openings, without interfering with external walls, intermediate floors and other carrying constructions of residential buildings, with the purpose of improving the conditions of the apartments, their exploitation of thermo technical and other indicators without a restriction of the interests of other people, who live in the same building.

In accordance with Paragraph 2.3.18 of the Decisions of the Kiev city board from 27.01.2005 No.11/2587 “About the rules for development of Kiev city” during reconstruction in buildings with multiple  residential apartments, it is forbidden to:

- Unite loggias and balconies with the dwelling space of apartments by disassembling exterior walls

- Transfer heating devices/furnaces to loggias and balconies

- Unite apartments vertically with full or partial demolition of intermediate floors.

- Increase the area of sanitary facilities and bathrooms at the expense of living and ancillary/supporting areas of the apartment

- Create openings in bearing walls without approved project documentation.

- Disassemble  major sound and thermo-isolators beneath the floors, which lead to unacceptable acoustic discomfort in apartments located on the floor below;

- Install extensions to the ground floor of multi-apartment residential buildings for verandas and commercial premises of the apartments;

-Install air-conditioners and cellular/mobile antennas on the facades of residential and public buildings which are oriented towards the street.

Main stages of re-designing/re-planning a premises/redevelopment

1. Obtaining the consent of residents for redevelopment. Obtaining permission from the balance holder of the building.

2. Obtaining Orders for redevelopment

3. Obtaining output

4. Obtaining technical conditions/specifications

5. Preparation of project documentation:

A) Pre-project propositions

b) Working documentation

6. Approval and examination of documentation: architecture, passing the Town-planning board, State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Fire department, State Automobile inspection, Department of Cultural Heritage and other agencies.

7. Obtaining permission for commencement of construction works.

8. Commissioning in accordance with the Act of commissioning/Certificate of compliance

9. Obtaining a new technical passport.

Having a clear understanding and experience in the field of obtaining permits, specialists of the Law firm “Law Consulting Group” are ready to provide complex services connected with the procedure of legalizing re-planning, including:

- Obtaining permits for coordination of redevelopment of residential and non-residential premises;

- Approval of project documentation in the corresponding institutions;

- Commissioning the property/real estate object.

- Obtaining the technical passport from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).

- Processing of the title documents to the property/real estate.

Our services are the following:

- Consultation with the client/advising on the possibility of re-building/redevelopment

- Preparing and obtaining the full packet of necessary documents.

Any obstacle is conquered with perseverance.

                         Leonardo da Vinci.

The law company “Law Consulting Group” always conquers any obstacle through perseverance, acting in the interests of its clients.