Legalization in construction


Reconstruction of real estate becomes more widespread in connection with the ageing and dilapidation of buildings. In addition, preparation of all the necessary documents and permits is a time-wasting and stressful job.

The law company “Law Consulting Group” offers to take upon itself the legal accompaniment concerning the legalization of reconstruction, freeing you from extra waste of labour and costs.

Reconstruction - Rebuilding existing objects and structures (buildings) of civil or industrial purpose in order to improve living conditions, exploitation, rendering of services, increasing production and improving its quality and so forth, involving changing the geometric dimensions, functional  purpose, replacement of individual structures and their elements, changing the main technical and economic indices.

Rehabilitation - A set of scientifically grounded measures aimed at restoring the cultural and functional properties of objects of cultural heritage.

Main stages of the procedure of legalization of reconstruction:

1. Obtaining the consent for reconstruction from the residents. Obtaining permission from the balance holder of the building for carrying out reconstruction.

2. Obtaining an Order for reconstruction

3. Obtaining output (in the case of reconstruction of a building or non-residential premises)

4. Obtaining technical conditions/specifications

5. Preparation of project documentation:

A) Pre-project propositions

b) Working documentation

6. Approval and examination of documentation: architecture, passing the Town-planning board, State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Fire department, State Automobile inspection, Department of Cultural Heritage and other agencies.

7. Obtaining permission for commencement of construction works

8. Commissioning - obtaining a certificate of compliance

9. Processing a new technical passport from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).

10. Processing a certificate of ownership.

Specialists of the Law firm “Law Consulting Group” will provide a full complex of services connected with the legalization of reconstruction, and in particular:

- Obtaining consent and permits for approval of the reconstruction of the premises;

- Approval of project documentation in the corresponding institutions

- Commissioning the property/real estate object

- Obtaining a technical passport from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI);

- Processing/registration of the title documents for the property/real estate

The specter of our services in regard to the legalization of reconstruction are the following:

- Consultation with the client about the possibility of reconstructing the premises;

- Preparing and obtaining the full packet of necessary documents.

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Taking the legal accompaniment of the process of legalization of reconstruction upon itself, the law company “Law Consulting Group” offers a truly rational solution for your business.