Legalization in construction


Coming to the completion of  construction of a large object, it is a pity to stop a step away from the finish line. Commissioning of an object is that very step, which separates from the coveted ribbon.

The law company “Law Consulting Group” offers legal assistance in regard to the commissioning of an object.

Commissioning- A set of actions, aimed at the exploitation of the completed construction objects on the basis of a certificate of conformity issued by the State Architectural - building inspections at the location of the object.

Certificate of Conformity- a document, which confirms the compliance of the completed object of construction with the project documentation, state building/construction norms, standards and rules.

The certificate of conformity forms the basis of agreements/contracts for supply and acceptance for exploitation of the completed construction objects, which are necessary for their functional recourses- water, gas, heat, electric energy and so forth, inclusion of information about this object to the State statistical reporting and registration of the right of ownership on the indicated object.

At the present time, commissioning of a completed construction object takes place on the condition that there is confirmed/approved project documentation, an Act that states the object is ready for use/exploitation, which is signed by the General Project and General Contractor organizations, subsidiary organizations, which took part in the construction, the customer, and the insurance company.

Main stages of commissioning objects:

1. Submission of the prepared and approved project documentation, Act that states the object is ready for use.

2. Obtaining a certificate of compliance.

Specialists of the Law firm “Law Consulting Group” will provide complex services connected with:

- Obtaining permits for the approval of commissioning of objects;

- Legal support of project documentation;

- Signing the Act of readiness for use/exploitation;

- Obtaining a certificate of compliance

Our services are the following:

- Consultation with the client.

-  Preparing and obtaining the full packet of necessary documents.

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Having successful experience in obtaining necessary documents for the commissioning of objects, the Law Company “Law Consulting Group” guarantees optimum results in maximal results in the shortest possible time.