Legalization in construction

Processing/registration/execution of title/ownership documents

Taking into account the complicated process of the procedure of processing of title/ownership documents, the law company “Law Consulting Group” offers legal assistance concerning the processing and approval of such documentation.

According to the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine No.7/5 from 07.02.2002, “On approval of the Provisional Regulations on procedure of state registration of ownership and other real rights on immovable property” processing/registration of rights of ownership on immovable property is carried out with the issuance of a certificate of title/ownership with the application for processing right of ownership on immovable property.

1) Local authorities:

2) Agencies/authorities of privatization:

3) State Affairs Department:

Having successful experience in the field of obtaining legal/title documents, specialists of the Law firm “Law Consulting Group” are ready to provide legal services in regard to the processing of necessary documents, and in particular:

- Obtaining certificate of title/ownership (on new buildings, non-residential premises, apartments, reconstructed premises)

- Processing title/right of ownership documents for immovable property.

Our services in regard to processing of ownership/title documents for real estate are the following:

- Consultation with the client, carrying out a legal analysis of documents;

- Carrying out legal analysis of documents;

- Preparing and obtaining a full packet of necessary documents.

The best solution for a problem- not allowing its emergence.

Referring to the company “Law Consulting Group” for legal assistance, the procedure of processing title/ownership documents for real estate will never be a problem to you.