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Registration of property rights and BTI services (Bureau of Technical Inventory)

The law company “Law Consulting Group” offers legal accompaniment in regard to the registration of property rights/ownership rights on real estate property for the protection of your rights, and also for the further indisputability of your property rights.

   In accordance with Part 1, article 182 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, ownership rights and other property rights on immovable properties, limitations of these rights, their emergence, transfer and termination are subject to State registration.

   According to Paragraph 3 of Part 2 of Article 331 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, if ownership rights on immovable property are by law subject to State registration, ownership rights emerge from the moment of State registration.

   In accordance with Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On state registration of rights to real/immovable property and liens/encumbrances” mandatory state registration is required for ownership rights and liens on immovable properties which are located on the territory of Ukraine, and belong to private individuals and legal entities, to the state in the person of its organs/agencies, authorized to manage state property, foreign nationals and persons without citizenship, foreign legal entities, International organizations, foreign countries, and also territorial communities in the face of local government.

Right of ownership on residential houses, buildings, structures and apartments can be registered regardless of whether the ownership of the plot of land on which they are located is registered, except cases where the owner of the land plot and residential house, building, structure or apartment located on it is the same individual.

Specialists of the Law firm “Law Consulting Group” confidently oriented in matters involving the registration of property rights, are ready to provide a full specter of legal assistance, and in particular:

 - Accompaniment of the process of registration of ownership of immovable property - obtaining an abstract of the state registration of immovable property;

 - Obtaining a technical passport for the apartment, non-residential premises, living building, garage;

 - Obtaining an abstract from the register of ownership on objects of immovable property.

Our services are as follows:

 - Consultation with the client;

 - Preparing and obtaining necessary documents.

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Specialists of the Law company “Law Consulting Group” will help you process property rights for real estate in the best way possible.