Legalization in construction

Private Residential Houses

   The Law company “Law Consulting Group” offers a range of legal services concerning the commissioning of residential structures.

   Private residential  structures are subject to commissioning. The procedure of registering residential houses is rather a rather time-consuming and expensive process in light of the necessity of gathering  a large quantity of documents, as well as bureaucratic red-tapes.

   In accordance with Article 376 of the Civil Code of Ukraine - a residential house is a building, structure or other object of real estate property are recognized as self-willed structures if they are built, or are being built on a plot of land, which was not formally allocated for the given purpose or was without the required approval  or approved project, or with a substantial breach of building norms and rules. The right of ownership of self-willed structures can be by the decision of a court recognized as a person, who in a self-willed manner built a given structure on the land plot, which was not allocated for the given building, on the condition that the land will be granted in the established procedure to the party under whom the building is already built.

   At present, there exists “Temporary arrangements for the commissioning of private residential houses of a garden type, cottages and garden houses with farm buildings and structures erected without a permit for construction”  approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers from 09.09.09 No. 1035.

   Private residential buildings are commissioned by the inspection of State architecture- building control by address in accordance with the temporary arrangement.

   Having an established mechanism concerning  registration/processing of documentation concerning legalization and registration of private residential houses, specialists of the company “Law Consulting Group” are ready to relieve you of the stressful procedure of commissioning of residential structures, which will help to save time and minimize financial losses.

Our services include:

 - Processing of the technical passport of BTI;

 - Preparing a report on the inspection/survey for compliance of the private building with the construction norms and rules;

 - Processing of a certificate of Conformity.

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                               N. Walter.

Entrust the bothersome registration process and the commissioning of your building to the experts of the law company “Law Consulting Group”.