Legalization in construction

Operations with real estate/real estate transactions

Real estate transactions - are a process requiring competent and pedantic legal accompaniment. The Law company “Law Consulting Group” will provide a full range of services concerning real estate transactions.

Real estate - plots of land, including buildings, structures or other property, directly involved with land, that is objects, the transfer of which is impossible without causing considerable damage to its value and purpose.

Real estate, by origin, includes land, and all that is firmly connected with land, that is, objects, which cannot be moved without damage to their purpose, including buildings, structures, objects of uncompleted construction.

In addition to real estate by origin, Ukraine has “Real estate according to law”. It includes those subject to state registration, such as air and sea vessels, inland navigation vessels and space objects.

For the protection of your interests, guaranteed safety in regard to possible risks and demands during real estate transactions, the law company “Law Consulting Group” offers access to a range of legal services, and in particular:

 - Complex check/audit of civil deeds/transactions concerning structures of land plots;

 - Legal analysis of legal/title documents which prove right of ownership on the immovable property.

Our services are the following:

 - Preliminary document checks on the immovable property;

 - Legal expertise and preparation of the immovable object for dispossession - processing title documents and technical documentation on the object of immovable property, ensuring technical inventory;

 - Obtaining right of ownership on the object of immovable property in court, release of the immovable property from encumbrances and restrictions and so on;

 - Accompaniment of the registration process of rights of ownership on objects of immovable property, processing an Abstract on state registration of ownership rights;

 - Consultation/advice on rent and other uses of land, premises, buildings and structures, apartments when concluding employment contracts, rental and leasing services;

 - Analysis of investment appeal of the property, evaluaton of the property.

Of course, think about “What”, but even more, think about “how”.


The law company “Law Consulting Group” accurately knows how to avoid possible risks, guaranteeing the safety of the process of real estate transactions.