Corporate law

Registration of enterprises, amendments to founding/constituent documents

The Law Company “Law Consulting Group” offers a range of services, related to the registration of enterprises of different organizational and legal forms of ownership, and in particular:

 - Joint stock companies;

 - Limited liability companies;

 - Companies with additional liability;

 - General/Full partnerships

 - Limited partnerships

To mimimize your effort and labour, lawyers of the law company “Law Consulting Group” are ready to provide qualified legal services regarding:

  1. Registration of legal entities in various organizational legal form (LLC,Private Enterprise( PE), Joint stock companies, Limited Partnerships, Charities);
  2. Amendments in the constituent documents (name of legal entity, registered address, participants, activities);
  3. Opening of branches, representative offices;
  4. Termination of legal entity through reorganization (merger, accession, division, separation, transformation) or liquidation in compliance with applicable laws;
  5. Registration of private entrepreneurs and the termination of their activities.

The range of services of legal accompaniment concerning registration and re-registration of enterprises comprises of:

 - Selection of an optimal organizational and legal form;

 - Selection of the optimal tax system;

 - Acquisition of a legal address;

 - Formation of share capital;

 - Registration and fixation of records in all stare organizations as required by applicable law;

 - Obtaining a seal and stamp.

My results have long been apparent to me, I only do not know how I shall arrive at them.


Starting your business, especially its registration, with the legal assistance of the law company “Law Consulting Group”, you will arrive at the desired results through the most optimal route.