Corporate law


Specialists of the law company “Law Consulting Group” offer a range of legal services concerning obtaining licenses for carrying out business activities of your company.

License - An official State issued document of a permissive nature, given out for a specified period of time and certifying the right of the holder to carry out a specified type of business activity. For each form of licensing there are license conditions, which must be carried out.

The current legislature provides for 57 types of economic activities subject to licensing.

The priority direction in the segment of Licensing is:

 - Obtaining licenses for projects;

 - Processing licenses for construction activities.

Thanks to the experience and connections acquired by the company over the years, we will help you to:

 - Reduce time spent on obtaining a license;

 - Avoid any forms of problems at all stages of obtaining permissive documentation;

 - Obtain qualified consultation on problems which arise in the process of licensing;

 - Obtain competent accompaniment of the process of licensing “from zero” or from the moment of stepping into this process at the stage which is problematic to you.

The range of services of legal accompaniment concerning licensing contains:

 - Consultation with the client on the demands of the current legislature in the field of licensing;

 - Preparation of documents in accordance with licensing requirements and accompaniment of documents in the licensing organs/authorities;

 - Obtaining the license.

The wisest person is he, who is most irritated/agitated by loss of time.

A. Dante.

Do not be irritated/agitated- Just entrust the legal accompaniment concerning the process of licensing to the company “Law Consulting Group”