Corporate law


The Law company “Law Consulting Group” offers a range of legal services, regarding obtaining Permits/documents of a permissive nature.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On the permit system in the sphere of business activity”:

The permit system in the sphere of business activity- The set of relations regulated by legislature, which arise between Permit issuing organs, state administrators, and subjects of business activity in connection with the issuance of permit documents, renewal, issuance of duplicates, revocation of permits;

Permitting authorities- Executive bodies, local government authorities and their officials authorized by law to issue authorizing/permit documents/documents of permissive nature.

Document of permissive nature/Permit- A permit, decision, conclusion, approval, certificate, other document, which the authorizing body is obligated to give the subject of business activity in the event of granting the right to carry out certain business activities, or types of business activities and/or without  whom an entity cannot carry out certain actions related to business activities or types of business activities.

In the shortest term possible, based on the needs of your company, we will help in obrtaining the following Permits:

 - Permit for the commencement (continuation) of performance of high security jobs;

 - Work permit for foreign citizens in Ukraine;

 - Permit for placement of objects of outdoor advertising;

 - Permit for placement of objects of trade and service sectors/spheres;

 - Conclusion of privatization, approval of project documentation in cultural heritage monuments in Kyiv;

 - Permits for import into the territory of Ukraine, export from Ukraine or transit through Ukraine of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors.

The range of services of legal accompaniment from the company “Law Consulting Group” regarding obtaining permits contains:

 - Consultation/advising on the requirements of current legislation in obtaining permits;

 - Preparation of necessary documents in accordance with current legislation and the accompanying of documents to the licensing authority;

 - Obtaining permits.

Nothing causes as much imbalance, as the stabilization of growth restrictions.

                                   L. Sukhorukov

Obtaining permits with the assistance of the law company “Law Consulting Group” will help to save the equilibrium of your business.